Monday, June 7, 2010

Rainbows & Engagements | Randy and Jenna

a few months ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Randy & Jenna over Starbucks coffee. the interesting part about this initial visit is that it was Randy's FIRST time ever in a Starbucks!! whoaaaaa! we felt honored to share in this experience with him. many laughs were had & we were instant friends! next thing we knew, we were playing in the fields doing an engagement session of these two lovebirds. while we were shooting, a surprise thunderstorm entered the scene. before we escaped to our dry cars, we noticed an epic full-length rainbow in the background and couldn't leave without snapping a few shots! braving the giant rain drops, we were able to snag a few more photos before the downpour unleashed itself. as you can see, it was definitely worth it!!!

Randy & Jenna - we are super excited about shooting your wedding in October!!!

big THANKS to Chris & Rachel Crosby for recommending Randy & Jenna to our photography!


  1. That is so Fantastic! It doesn't even look real...perfect timing!!

  2. Beautiful and so sweet! I was totally going to say fantastic too! ;)
    I can't believe though that the guy has never been to starbucks, that is a big deal!

  3. i know. i know!!! it is pretty crazy! but it's ok cause we won him over!


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