Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kathryn & Jesse | Outer Banks Wedding

We had been excited about Kathryn & Jesse's wedding ever since shooting their hotttt engagement photos! Kathryn glowed with beauty and joy as this was the day she was saying "I do" to the man of her dreams. People couldn't take their eyes off of her...especially Kathryn was absolutely stunning. Their wedding day was nothing short of magical. The ocean's waves peacefully swept the shore of the Kitty Hawk Pier as family and friends watched the couple tenderly exchange their vows. Their ceremony was in the early evening so the natural light was soft and perfect for their portraits. Kathryn and Jesse rocked the camera as usual kissing and smiling enthusiastically as they were now married!! It's always a perk being friends with the bride and groom and capturing fun memories while hanging out. David's family has been close to Kathryn's sweet family, the Nehers, since his childhood so he really enjoyed catching up with old friends and wished his older sister Melody could have been there as well to share the moment with their high school comrades.

Shout outs...
 - Big thanks to Jessica Wineland for her awesome wedding coordinating skills in making the day flow effortlessly.
 - Mad props to the amazing DJ Bruce for always being a blast to work with and keeping the reception a hopping dance party all night long.
 - Kudos to Marsha of Great Cakes for designing a delicious elegant masterpiece for all to enjoy.

Kathryn and Jesse - thank you for having us as friends & photographers at your gorgeous wedding. You two are amazing. We're stoked for you and wish you both the very best in your marriage. Lots of love from us.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sara & Luca | Switzerland Wedding

switzerland weddings are definitely a favorite! the people are so sweet and genuine and of course the scenery is ridiculously breathtaking. we were looking forward to being enveloped in this fairytale land ever since sara contacted us with the exciting news that she and luca were engaged. sara has been following our photography for years and has been a huge encouragement to our hearts. we couldn't wait to meet her & luca. what a wonderful treat it was to be greeted by sara and luca upon our arrival with their warm smiles and big embraces. sara is stunning inside and out. she's sooooo sweet and bubbly...full of joy, life and an incredible love for God and people. luca complimented sara perfectly. his smile beamed from ear to ear at the mere glance of sara. together, they were absolutely charming. LOVED these two and wish we could have taken our new friends home with us.:)

their friends and families were a blast to be with as they cheered the bride and groom on throughout the day of joyous festivities. a cool factor about swiss weddings is that it's an all day celebration filled with games, dramas and fun! one awesome moment was when the groom was challenged to a jousting dual by a masked man. at the end of the dual, the masked man revealed himself to be one of luca's best friends surprising him by traveling across the world to be there! we loved every moment of this wedding and were thankful to be a part of this special day for such an amazing couple.

congrats, sara & luca!! we're so happy for you two and wish you the very best in your marriage!!