Friday, October 23, 2009

James and Alyson's Wedding

ahh... tyler, texas! we have so many fond memories from this place...including where tammy and i first met & where i officially asked her to go steady with me.:) it's always icing on the cake to see great friends (lots of teen mania peeps!) along with meeting new ones on a wedding shoot day. new to tyler since we left is the exquisite Villa di Felicita, the perfect setting where james and alyson exhanged their vows & danced the night away with their wonderful guests. they were a brilliant couple & their friends and families were a blast.

Congrats James & Alyson!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sam and Wiktoria's Wedding

Sam and Wiktoria - pronounced "V"-ictoria as David quickly learned;) - celebrated with friends and family on the edge of Old Hickory Lake at Hendersonville, TN's historic Rock Castle. Sam pursued Wiktoria, who is originally from Poland, while she was working in the states for a summer abroad. (Apparently so did several other guys and Sam won out!) Since her visa went through so quickly and smoothly, they decided to move the wedding date forward so they could marry even sooner. We were introduced to this couple by some dear friends, Jaz and Anna Boon. (You may remember their lovely fall wedding photos from one of our previous blog posts.) Jaz also had the honor of officiating this wedding. It was a happy day and Wiktoria was definitely a beautiful model bride! Thank God for holding off the rain so this wonderful outdoor ceremony could take place.:)

Thanks to Sam & Wiktoria for letting us share in this amazing experience! Congrats and enjoy!