Friday, March 12, 2010

San Diego "I Do's" | Michael and Jennifer

Back in one of our favorite places...sunny San Diego, CA...although the sun did decide to hide while we were visiting.:) We were honored to be a part of the second Valdez family wedding of Michael & Jennifer! What a fabulous couple surrounded by one of the most beautiful loving families you will ever meet. This day was marked with sincere joy, love and excitement souped up with a hott limo ride and the breathtaking San Diego skyline as the ceremony backdrop.

Thanks to Ricky & Tiffany for inviting us to shoot the first Valdez wedding! It was great to catch up and see you two as married folks!

Congrats to Michael & Jennifer!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hey Folks!

Hope you are well! In two weeks I will be heading to Africa to take photos and volunteer in western Uganda with an AMAZING non-profit organization, Global Support Mission (!

Global Support Mission (GSM) exists to see a movement of compassion, wipe out hunger, disease and extreme poverty. They train, equip and resource leaders in developing nations who are working to end extreme poverty in their own communities.

GSM accomplishes this through programs like, which enables groups or individuals to give directly to the need of their choice, and 100% of the giving goes directly towards that need. (GSM pays the CC fees, and wiring fees out of pocket.)

This fall my friends and I gave $1400 for my birthday to dig a well in Uganda through KnowThinkAct. 100% of that $1400 goes directly towards digging that specific well. I feel honored to be able to HELP physically dig this well while in Uganda!

On this upcoming trip, I will be taking photos to help bring further awareness to the needs in the developing communities in Uganda. I am both honored and humbled as GSM has also asked me to serve on their board of directors this past year. This will be my first trip to see face to face what we are doing. I look forward to bringing the moments of hope and love back to you via the images that will be captured.

Will you help me get there? Your prayers and/or financial support are greatly appreciated. (All donations are tax deductible.)

You may donate online here:

(please email me and let me know if you donate online)

For those who can sponsor me $50 or more, I would love to send a print from the trip to you.

You may also mail a check (payable to Global Support Mission), but please don’t write my name on it! (My ID is 10016.) All checks may be mailed to:

Global Support Mission
1262 2nd Avenue S
Nashville, TN 37210
In the Memo: 10016

Thanks for considering this! I look forward to sharing the stories & images with you upon my return.


David Molnar