Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cece and Tanner | Nashville Engagement Photography

We first met Cece when Tammy and I decided to get our groove on to Frank Sinatra..aka swing dance lessons! We have always wanted to learn and were stoked to be paired with our fabulous dance instructor Cece at The Fred Astaire dance studio. She was so sweet and patient with us as we clumsily tripped over each other multiple times. She really helped us have fun as we learned the basics....now we just need to find the time to practice :)

While being a dance instructor rockstar, Cece engaged in conversation with us and soon learned that we were photographers. Not too long after our dance lesson sessions, we received an email full of excitement from a certain engaged favorite swing dance instructor and were thrilled that she remembered us. We soon met her fiance Tanner and concluded that they are a blast together as we shared a fantastic evening and bottle of wine with them!

Congrats on your engagement! We can't wait to shoot your wedding in April!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Jersey wedding | Michael and Michelle

Oh how we love New Jersey weddings and the amazing people that comprise these celebrations. Most of David's extended family...as in 40ish cousins plus aunts, uncles & grandparents... live here along with their amazing community which includes our awesome bride and groom...Michelle and Michael. Their families are long time friends of the Molnars so it was a splendid treat getting to shoot their wedding. Michael & Michelle were super sweet and fun. They were happy to finally be together and begin their lives as Mr. & Mrs.!

One of the most comical events of the day was seeing Michelle's brother that couldn't be there on a cardboard printout gracing his way through the family photos and as a centerpiece at the reception. Classic.

The dance party was a riot, so much that Tammy's foot encountered its first dancing high-heeled stabbing to be followed by someone twice her size landing on the same foot. We are thinking combat boots may be next on the list for wedding attire. ;)

Big thanks to Katie for scouting out the scenic location for bridal party portraits!

Congrats Michael & Michelle! We wish you guys the best!!