Friday, August 6, 2010

TJ and Stacy | Dallas, Texas Wedding

TJ and Stacy, the fabulous NYC engagement shoot couple, were ecstatic to tie the knot! They had patiently waited for years for God to bring that special someone into their lives and when their paths crossed, they knew their time had come...they were meant for each other. Seeing them together reveals why it is definitely worth the wait as they are absolutely perfect together. There was excitement brewing in every conversation and smile that day. The girls giggled and prepped while the guys watched the finals of the World Cup via a groomsman’s iPhone.

The couple chose to have their special moment seeing each other for the first time that day in the beautiful hotel gardens. Stacy gracefully glided down the stairs to TJ embracing him with a great big hug. There were tears of joy...tears of excitement...tears of laughter. Ahhh we love this moment when the bride and groom get their first glimpse of each other...just their wedding day story. TJ couldn't take his eyes off of his stunning bride, Stacy. She was gorgeous!! Of course before departing the hotel, we had to sneak in some fun photos of these two having a pillow fight and jumping on the bed. Yeah!!

The ceremony and reception were held at the breathtaking Stonebriar Country Club. Family & friends came from all over the world (Dubai, India and the US) to celebrate with the couple. What fun it was to see old friends from our Teen Mania days! Everyone had a blast into the late evening dancing, laughing & dressing up for the photo booth...good times!

Thanks to Stacy & TJ for making us feel soooo loved and appreciated. You two are doing and will continue to do great things! CONGRATS!!



  1. I love everything about this Tammy and David! You two caught every moment just perfectly, and it was so much fun to celebrate with you guys being there. Just wouldn't have been the same without you. You went above and beyond for our wedding, and we appreciate you so much!

  2. David & Tammy...... I may get in trouble for saying this, but I have to tell you, Stacy's latest new hobby is going through your pictures/blog/slideshow. She has watched and reviewed each and every one of the pictures with the finest of details! That's how much she loves them! I have said this before, I will say it again, you guys are LEGENDARY! The effort and style you put into your work is timeless and just incredible! You guys being there to shoot for us was such a blessing! THANK YOU! Thank you for making these moments priceless and timeless. We can look back at these for the next countless numbers of years, and share them with our generations without having missed a beat or moment, and you guys made that possible! THANK YOU BOTH! God Bless! - TJ


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