Monday, May 31, 2010

Hilarious Music Video from the Downtown Toronto Bride and Groom!

we thought we'd share this ridiculously funny video Ben and Amanda made to be featured at their reception. "Party on my wedding day" we love it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

NYC Engagement Session | TJ and Stacy

why hello to the big apple! Tammy and I were stoked when Stacy & TJ asked us to shoot their engagement photos in NYC! what a privilege it was to be driven around to some of the most iconic NYC spots...thanks to Stacy's sweet hook ups! We have known Stacy since the good ole' Teen Mania days and are super happy that she and TJ have found each other! You two rock!! We can't wait to shoot your awesome Dallas wedding in July!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Downtown Toronto Destination Wedding | Ben and Amanda

We would like to think we were there when the initial fireworks between Ben and Amanda went off. Their love began to bloom into something more official about 2 years ago when we were shooting Ben's brother Jay's wedding at the Doner farm. But the truth is that Amanda had eyes for Ben over 10 years ago and during all those years that Ben may have played hard to get, he never met another girl that could hold a candle to Amanda's awesomeness.:) Thanks to Amanda's patience...her dream and their destiny has finally come true!

The most remarkable moments of the day were during the 2 hours that loved ones shared their heartwarming and humorous stories of the couple's youth and their coming together. From these epic toasts, we learned that Amanda told her family way back then that she would marry Ben. Her college roomies revealed how Amanda would date "Ben look-a-likes" but that none of them would quite measure up. It was also a treat to see & laugh at their creative music videos including several embarrassing photos and video montages of the young bride and groom. Thanks to technology, one of Ben's best friends attended (sort of) via skype in New Zealand. They also had a life size cut-out of him for photos and the dance floor!

Another cool fact that made us smile...the reception, which was held at The Old Mill Inn & Spa, was very dear to the Doners as it was the same location that Ben's parents, Rick and Dale, had their reception many years go.:)

The Doner family has a special place in both of our hearts. I (David) was roommates with Ben for the year that we spent at Teen Mania's Honor Academy and we became close friends. We've shot a couple of destination weddings in the Toronto area nearby the Doner's farm where Tammy and I have enjoyed some incredible late nights playing crazy competitive games as well as snowmobiling and other adventurous activities with Rick, Dale, Ben and newlyweds Jay and Beth. This family is definitely one of our favorites! We were so blessed and honored that they would ask us to share in their family breakfast time on the morning of the wedding. We love you guys!

Ben & Amanda - We are soooooo happy for you two! A big congrats and best wishes from us!!

Wow beautiful!!

What a blast we all had taking romantic photos of you two in Downtown Toronto! Such a charming pair!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Yellow Flowers ENVELOPED Them....

The flowers were in full bloom as they radiantly lit the field that enveloped this lovely couple. The sky even transformed from a gloomy morning to a fantastic sunset for Ryan & Ashley's engagement session! We enjoyed getting to know them, hearing their stories & laughing with them. I had previously met Ryan while doing a photo shoot for his band Portraits of Dale this past fall. They sneaked in a visit to Ashley's hometown of Franklin, TN for a bit of wedding planning and a chance for us to snag some amazing photos of these two!

Although we would love to shoot their wedding, we were already booked on their wedding date and have not yet figured out the superhero power of duplication.:) BUT thankfully one of our awesome Bloom Photographers, Shannon, is available and is the perfect fit for them.

Ryan & Ashley - Congrats on your engagement!! Shannon is stoked to shoot your wedding this fall!

ah Looooove!!:)