Monday, May 10, 2010

When flying to Canada, don't forget...


On the evening of our anniversary, we arrived at the Nashville airport Canada bound to shoot another Doner family wedding! (We don't typically accept jobs on important dates but when the clients are amazing friends of course we will sometimes make an exception!) Since we fly domestically often without a passport, it completely slipped Tammy's mind that she would need it for a short 1.5 hour flight to Toronto... well we soon realized that she didn't have hers and there wasn't enough time to go back home to retrieve it and still make the flight. the pressure was on. would we spend the rest of our anniversary together or apart?

I called one of our best buds Nick Ray with and asked if it was at all possible for him to drop whatever he was doing, break into my house, grab Tammy's passport and rush it to the airport so we could make our flight. because he is that awesome he flew over there without hesitation and with literally only 3-4 minutes before the plane would take off, we boarded the flight...a very sweaty pair indeed...but we made it! what a blessing to have such dedicated friends that will be there for you anytime. thanks Nick! it was a joy to see our good friends the Doners that night and spend the next morning with them before their son's wedding. The wedding was AMAZING and we can't wait to share the photos from it!

we had a blast celebrating our 4th anniversary at one of our favorite restaurants, J. Alexander's and watching the epic flick, Iron Man 2!

on Sunday we were reminded to LIVE LIFE SPONTANEOUSLY when our next door neighbors and great friends Matt and Hilary Barnett asked us last minute if we wanted to see a movie with them. we said why not? in order to make the movie though, we would have to leave right away and were already relaxed and in our pajamas for the night. what did we do? well we went to the movie in our PJs of course...

(iphone photo)


  1. thanks mary! you know what? i get so much flak for those. so i really appreciate that!


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