Monday, July 28, 2008

Ron and Nicki | Columbia, SC wedding

It is so neat meeting a new set of amazing people almost every weekend. The Ceremony was beautiful, the attendants were filled with love, joy and perhaps a few drinks during the speeches... and the wedding day was F U L L of surprises.

Ron and Nicki's love was beautiful! Nothing could ruin their day! NOT EVEN the unexpected message delivered 45 minutes before the ceremony started by the church staff stating "NO PHOTOS during the ceremony... because that is they way it is has always been, here!"

I was able to grab a few however... enjoy.

"NO PHOTOS during the ceremony... because that is they way it is has always been here!" Which i replied " that is like growing up thinking slavery is ok"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Switzerland Wedding | Pascal and Rebecca

We arrived exhausted and filled with excitment. Pascal and Rebecca picked us up from the airport and immediately introduced us to the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland, and all at the base of the alps. With 3 different languages spoken at the wedding it was at times hard to understand the words spoken, but the love was undeniably apparent to everyone. A swiss wedding differs from the american wedding but not in beauty!

Tammy was able to grab a few special moments so we put together a small video of the wedding day. enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Switzerland... so far

Hey folks,

Tammy and I are on an adventure in Switzerland. We shot an amazing wedding just west of alps a mile away from the french border. It was so incredibly beautiful. anyone else getting married in europe? We still have a trip to the alps (i get to drive stick shift, yay!)... and maybe a train ride to paris.

just before i left nashville I had a 45mm tilt shift lens overnighted to me so that i could play on this trip... it is still a bit over my head but, i think i am in love. enjoy the photos!

this was the view from our room in the Vallee de joux.

The view from Dent de Voulion (a 5 hour hike) you can see the Vallee de joux on the right, lausanne on the left and france is the mountains in the background.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jason and Beth | Canada Wedding

OMG the love at this wedding was undeniable! There were like 10 speeches and they were all 10s! The Doners and the Whitakers were so amazing. Thank you for having us out. Tammy and I want our Families to be like yours.

Now we head to Switzerland for 2 weeks! photos will be posted soon!