Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kris and Kati | Richmond Wedding

After spending 10 days away from my wife at the home of my youth in Kitty Hawk, I drove to Richmond and met some friends who were already participating in wedding festivities. On a grocery run to grab some White Merlot (which is my new favorite wine and you need to try it!), I somehow managed to lock my keys in the car. Thanks to a lovely couple passing by, my keys were retrieved from their resting spot next to the gear shift. The adventurous couple magically rigged up a fishing pole and taped a hook to the end. They slid it through my window and hooked my keys. I offered to buy them whatever they were going to store to get. But they didn't want anything... instead they said "just pay it forward."

I want to be like them. I want to stop everything and help someone in need.

So after sweating profusely in a morning basketball game with 3 of our new friends in the Tran family (my team won), we headed over to the wedding.

Kris and Kati are ridiculously fun at all times...
No stress.
Only fun.

This outdoor ceremony and reception was at the beautiful Amber Grove.
We battled some rain prior to the wedding but rain clouds cleared to a charming state of cloudy.

Surfing buddies

One of many laughs during the ceremony.

It was pleasantly cloudy during the entire ceremony until they were about to kiss...then the sky opened up as if in a perfect movie moment and shown brightly on them as they were announced husband and wife.

I don't know if I have ever seen so much cake on the couple's faces!

Congrats you two.

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