Monday, May 30, 2011

Jesse and Kathryn's Kitty Hawk Engagement Shoot

During our visit to the Outer Banks to shoot Brad and Kristen's wedding, we also had the opportunity to do an engagement session with David's childhood friend Kathryn and her fiance Jesse. What a blast we had in Kitty Hawk starting on the beach where Jesse swept his fiance into his arms and carried her up the dunes. We went on to find an old winding road with a bridge over a green wooded canal. While they pretty much laughed the whole time, they had no problem turning their modeling faces on when we told them they were "...on the cover of vogue, GO!". We were amazed at how natural they were in front of the camera.

Of course David had to remind Kathryn of his childhood memory when she prematurely told her pre-school class mates what David's show-and-tell surprise was. "IT'S a BOW AND ARROW!" Many bursts of laughter were had at that moment. ;)

At the very end of the shoot a brilliant sunset was painted across the entire sky. We love using strobes to light their faces and balance the light against such an on fire background. Afterwards, we had some amazing food at Rundown Cafe and got to chat about their engagement story and their wedding plans. They were also buzzing with excitement about Jesse (soon to be a movie star) as he found out that day that he got accepted for a movie role being filmed in Charlotte this summer.
Jesse and Kathryn, we are beyond thrilled to come back to the NC coast this fall and shoot your Kitty Hawk Pier wedding!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Brad & Kristen | Outer Banks Wedding

one of our favorite places to shoot weddings...david's homeland of the outer banks of north carolina. from the beach to the Aquarium it was non-stop scenes of amazingness. friends and family were buzzing with excitement on brad & kristen's wedding day. after all, these two had been dating for nearly 9 years! high school sweethearts. wow. while getting ready, kristen revealed a hand-written letter that brad had given to her when they first started dating. it was pricelessly romantic. brad said he couldn't wait to put a ring on her finger even then. of course every girl was oooohing and awwwing over it. a portion of the letter was read during the toasts and brad just may have blushed once or twice.;) brad & kristen were way too cute together and enjoyed every moment of togetherness. we loved how chill they were. one of the best qualities in be able to relax and enjoy life with each other.

Brad's family has always had a special place in David's heart. From 6 year old little league baseball to high school wrestling, the Vuyovich family has been an extended family to him. What an honor to see Brad all grown up and married. David even had the pleasure of dancing with Donna, Brad's mom, as she insisted on stealing a special dance with him before the night's end.:)

It was a blast getting to work alongside buds and amazing videographers, Nic & Jess of Tight Productions.

Thanks to the brilliant wedding coordinating skills of Gena Martin & her assistant Danielle of Platinum Party Planning for their wonderful help in keeping track of all the details.

Brad & Kristen - CONGRATS!!! we wish you two the very best and look forward to seeing you at the OBX!