Monday, April 5, 2010

Daniel and Sarai get hitched in Sacramento California

what a pleasant arrival into Sacramento greeted by our smiling lil sis, Robin. we decided to seize the day by taking a relaxing afternoon drive through Napa Valley. it was our first visit to this beautiful area. although we didn't do any wine tastings as the vineyards were closed by the time we arrived...(we missed it by a half hour, shucks.)...we had the most amazing dinner composed of wine, cheeses and great conversation at the Auberge du Soleil. this restaurant is set on the mountain side with a breathtaking view of the sun's final rays of warmth stretching along the vast rows of Napa Valley's vineyards. sipping wine here at sunset is an absolute must before you die. a big thanks to Rod Arnold for the recommendation!

wedding time! it was a gorgeous spring day in Northern California. the sun was shining. the flowers were blooming. the breeze was blowing. the kiddos were outdoors playing. the frisbee golfers were throwing. (everyone bravely took photos despite the flying discs coming towards them!) Sarai and Daniel were laughing & enjoying each other. they were an adorable couple full of life, love & joy.

it was an honor to meet the families of some of our dear friends. the hejnys and the stamps. special thanks to Rachael Stamps for hooking this all up!!

Cheers to Daniel & Sarai!!