Thursday, February 5, 2009

Travis and Sharlene - Wedding in Vegas

Viva las vegas! We were amazed to drive about 30 min from the strip of lights and entertainment and arrive at a quaint lodge nestled in the snowy mountains with cactuses lining the highway. No complaints though as the location was absolutely breathtaking! All the families & friends were staying at the lodge too (where the ceremony and reception were held) so it was a relaxing pleasant occasion all around. We enjoyed getting to know everyone there including all of the friendly & accommodating wait staff at the The Resort on Mt. Charleston. Travis and Shar were delightfully fun and chill as well as two happy lovebirds on their wedding day! They got their crazy exciting faces on when we asked if they wanted to do a "jumping in the bed" pose. Too classic!

Special thanks to Micah Ogle for all your help the day of and recommendation!:)

Since this was our first trip to the lighted city, we had to take a day being tourists wandering the strip (hiking was more like it) while visiting the lavish casino hotels. That evening we were thoroughly impressed by the Cirque Du Soleil show "KA" and look forward to seeing more of these brilliant shows in the future! We may have even played a little black jack before crashing in bed...David helped us win back any money Tammy ended up giving away to the dealer.:)

Our favorite color for wedding shoot attire...nothing but black.:)