Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jaz and Anna are finally hitched!!!!

what a magical fairytale fall wedding day it was for our dear friends, jaz & anna. we have been looking forward to these two getting hitched for quite some time now...even before their engagement!;) they cleverly selected the perfect everything...from the enchanting ceremony location at Scarritt Bennett Center to the vibrant autumn colors in the bridal party attire and flowers...(they even had the leaves shipped in from the smoky mountains and placed all over the ground...jk). the party style reception was held at the hip FLYTE World Dining & Wine and they had a pimpin' get away ride (compliments of rob)...all of the beautiful details seemed to subtly warm you up on this chilly fall afternoon. half the town of nashvegas came to celebrate since jaz and anna know just about bet we all had a ball!

funny sidenote: during the processional, each groomsman handed jaz something random to put in his pocket. they handed him everything from a coat hanger to a cell phone which just happened to ring loudly in the middle of the ceremony! everyone burst out in laughter as jaz quickly silenced the phone and handed it to a groomsman. ha!

we love you guys....cheers to a happily ever after!

p.s. special thanks to katelyn for all your help with the details and making the day such a pleasant one and to a former bride and groom of ours travis and bethany for helping with all of the coordination! also a big thanks to Allen Media Productions for being amazing videographers and for helping us out all day!

Here are a few extra shots from their engagement session!

and here are some of our favorites from the wedding! brave to wear sleeveless dresses in the freezing cold!

such a GORGEOUS bride!!!

jaz and anna in their element.;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toby and Kate | Hattiesburg, MS

the wedding bells were ringing in hattiesburg, ms when toby and kate exchanged their vows on this beautiful october day. we had a ball with these two! they were charming, laid back and very witty! the couple first met in choir where toby's classic pick up line was "do you sing solos?" kate has been hooked ever since.;)

on a funny sidenote: kate bought her dress on ebay for $40... all i could say was wow! it turned out to fit her beautifully and looked perfect!

it was hard to keep a straight face around these guys! they proved to be quite the characters making every moment a laughing one!

Toby chose to cleverly surprise Kate with the honeymoon destination. We were able to catch the moment of excitement from Kate when Toby unveiled the mystery location of New England! Kate was ecstatic! Good job, Toby!

the reception was held at the enchanting crawford house. what a perfect spot for a good ole' time of mingling, eating, dancing and admiring the breathtaking scenery.


our trip ended with a rather hilarious meal incident at a quaint italian restaurant. the precious waiters did not realize that the background music was a song playing on repeat. david mentioned something to the waiter and he assured us that the cd was on repeat not just one song. by the time we had finished eating, we had memorized the song and were ready to throw our pasta at the speakers! it was then that the waiter gave us our check and said "you were right. the song was on repeat. we just fixed it!" so nice of them to take care of it as we were leaving.;) haha.