Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jeff and Michelle | Franklin, TN Wedding

jeff and michelle's story of how they came together is not only a beautiful love story, but also has quite the comical twist that had us laughing our hearts out when they excitedly recounted all the whimsical details to us over a yummy mexican dinner. they were introduced online by a mutual friend (on good ole' myspace) and became messaging friends instantly. after getting to know each other better through a series of conversations, romantic feelings begin to grow & bloom in both of their hearts while not letting the other person know. after pondering much about his feelings for michelle, jeff psyched himself up and bought a flight from raleigh to nashville to surprise her and see what would happen upon their first face to face encounter. during one of their phone conversations (the night he was going to surprise her), he tells her on the phone that he is having feelings for a girl and wasn't really sure about her since she went to a different church and he really wanted to get her advice on it later that evening (this conversation was right before taking off to nashville to see her). michelle was secretly livid of course and couldn't believe he would have feelings for another girl after all of their interactions. sooooo later that night he ends up getting her advice in person! needless to say she was surprised and much more than happy!;) pretty soon he was asking for her hand in marriage!

their wedding day was filled with wonderful people, loads of smiles, and lots of fun. even the tornado sirens could not steal away from this special day that radiated so much joy and love. kudos to jeff & michelle! we wish them the very best!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

good friends in warm places

We decided on Thursday morning to drive to Florida. We left Thursday night. We love last minute trips. Life isn't about what is planned. Life is a Journey. It is the last minute things that make life worth living; the unforeseen rain storms, conversations, romances, bus rides and blue skies.

So we drove down to St. Augustine Florida to stay with Matt and Maleah. A couple whose wedding we shot a year and half ago. We also got to stay the night at Evan and Rebecca's house in Atlanta on the way down.

Check out this video of us Slack Lining (tight rope walking).

St. Augustine trip from David Molnar on Vimeo.

Matt and Maleah enjoying Tropical Smoothie Cafe for the first time!

Sharing is cool... so long as it isn't ice cream.

Ok so that guy in the tights is at this farmer's market that we went to. They told us about him before we even got there. He is there faithfully every week. Stands about 10' away from the bluegrass band and plays his flute way off key. Someone needs to make a movie about him.

Maleah's amazing decorating skills!

One last beach session in before we drove 10 hours back.