Monday, July 7, 2008

Switzerland... so far

Hey folks,

Tammy and I are on an adventure in Switzerland. We shot an amazing wedding just west of alps a mile away from the french border. It was so incredibly beautiful. anyone else getting married in europe? We still have a trip to the alps (i get to drive stick shift, yay!)... and maybe a train ride to paris.

just before i left nashville I had a 45mm tilt shift lens overnighted to me so that i could play on this trip... it is still a bit over my head but, i think i am in love. enjoy the photos!

this was the view from our room in the Vallee de joux.

The view from Dent de Voulion (a 5 hour hike) you can see the Vallee de joux on the right, lausanne on the left and france is the mountains in the background.


  1. Perfection! Absolute and pure. And I'm so glad to find out that maybe you are the one who blogged about this cool lens you're using. Can you remind me what it is? Doesn't it have a vertical or horizontal focal point that you can move either way?? Thanks so much and enjoy!

  2. you enjoying that tilt shift lens? beautiful! :)

  3. I'm sorry, I don't speak french very well.
    The lac de Joux is so beautiful on your photographies!!!

  4. is that a tilt shift, or a lensbaby?
    great work as usual Dave... your last four weddings were stellar too! :o)


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