Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cape Hatteras Engagement Shoot | Rob and Liza

For those of you who are new blog friends, you may not know yet that I (David) grew up surrounded by the beauty of the Outer Banks coastline in Kitty Hawk, NC. It doesn't take much to convince us to come back for a shoot and stay a few extra days to spend time with our AMAZING family and friends!

Rob and Liza made the 3+ hour trek from Raleigh just to hang out and do an OBX engagement shoot. I AM SO GLAD THEY DID because we had a blast at a remote beach area I have come to love. As soon as the first photo was snapped, we were having fun. I didn't even have to tell my normal corny jokes to get them to relax.;) They started making goofy faces and rocked the shoot from the start. It was EASY...TOO EASY! What an incredibly beautiful evening it was capturing this couple as the sun set in the western sky.

After the shoot we went to Rundown Café, one of my favorite hometown restaurants. We all had great seafood, drinks and even better conversation getting to know each other. The evening was topped off with some brilliant live music at a local open mic night.

Since around 90% of our weddings are Destination Weddings, we rarely get to connect with the couple in person before their wedding. It is a rare treat to meet them, become instant friends and get fun creative portraits before the actual wedding.

Tammy and I can't wait to meet Rob & Liza's families & friends and spend their wedding day with them on the southeast North Carolina coast! If their wedding is half as fun as their engagement shoot was, it will be one of our favorite weddings of all time!:)

See you guys on Saturday!!!!


David and Tammy


  1. Beautiful. Those photos made me want to be there. I'm so sad that I won't be able to make a trip to the beautiful OBX this summer.

  2. David, you always blow me away with your beautiful shots and gorgeous lighting. That couples' energy didn't hurt either. Love it.

  3. Sarah, the obx is such an MAGICAL place. i hate not being there for the summer. you should make it happen anyway.

    Thanks NicknRonda! Rob and Liza were amazing! i get to hang out again with them on Saturday at their wedding and we are super excited!

  4. amazing shot, dude! Looking forward to a shoot or two down that way later this summer! no ugly electric poles to boot!

  5. Dude!! This is amazing! Great work... like always. :)

  6. these are fantastic. the light is insane. i wish i could follow you all around for a day and just soak in all your awesomeness. haha

  7. What fantastic fill light you have! haha. great end results man, it was a priviledge watching you work. Hurry back out here!

  8. Ive always been envious of the west coast have just proven that an east coast sunset can be just as glorious. Great job Dave!

  9. These are wonderful!!! There's one picture (13th from the top) where I can hear Rob's laugh! Liza's laughing, too and it's as though the picture has sound. WE had a blast at the time I've ever had in my life! Thanks for being there. Can't wait to see the 3600+ pictures!
    Love, the MOB, Molly

  10. epic 1st pic!

    rich coleman


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