Friday, June 26, 2009

Heath and Lori | Nashville Wedding

lori has been one of tammy's dearest friends since the big move to nashvegas 4 years ago. while lori was patiently waiting for her prince charming, tammy revealed to lori the secret of how all her previous roommates had gotten hitched after living with her. lori concluded that they must be roommies then. so when david would venture off on his photo trips, tammy would stay at lori's house and they would enjoy fun nights of girl time. not too long after this, lori was introduced to heath.:) the initial introduction was short and sweet but a few days later lori received a special "hi" message in her myspace inbox from a certain someone...(back of course when myspace was cool). haha. the excitement at the office was unforgettable as all of the girls bantered back and forth about how to respond, how long to wait til responding and what to say....this happened several times as the myspace conversations continued up until heath courageously asked for lori's digits. woohoo...the girls were oohhing and awwwing about each tiny detail that lori unveiled to them about heath. in a matter of no time, lori and heath were dating and their beautiful love story continued to unfold. we absolutely love these two together and treasure our times hanging with them as there are always many laughs, yummy food and crazy fun game time to be had.

lori and heath were one of the happiest couples we have ever seen on their wedding day. it was the perfect day that they had anticipated and daydreamed about. heath couldn't help but smile at every glance of his stunning bride as lori glowed with excitement and joy that radiated deep from within her heart.

it was a splendid treat to spend the day with such amazing family and friends. oh and of course the reception had no lack for funky swinging & was a PARTAY!

we're super stoked for you two and wish you the very best!!!

special thanks to stacie for all her help with the details...oh and yes, olivia, for shadowing us with her smiles at the reception. too cute!

p.s. we think someone in the family may have gone broke as they offered a dollar to lori's nephew, drew, for each smile he produced in the photo sessions. a good many smiles were given by drew that afternoon.;)

below is a link to download all of the photos from the slideshow resized for email and posting online.

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