Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aaron and Jenna | Redding California Wedding

it was the wedding setting utopia in breathtaking northern california with the still snow capped mt. shasta rising out of its own reflection at the other end of the lake. the trees, the mountains, the grass and the lake framed the couple as they exchanged rings and read their heartwarming and humorous vows to each other.

aaron and jenna could not be more perfect for each other. i can say that because i have known jenna her whole life, her mom taught me preschool at her house, i own a rental property with her brother, my little sister was the maid of honor and jenna is practically my little sister too!

tammy and i felt so honored and blessed to be a part of such a dear friend's intimate wedding! it was an amazing experience to be on the other side of the continent and feel so at home and around so many people very dear to us. my entire immediate family was present and my nephew was the ring bearer! jenna, we are proud of you for picking someone whose name is always followed by a long list of uplifting adjectives.:)

congrats you two!!


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