Friday, June 19, 2009

Ben and Kelly | Atlanta Wedding

patiently waiting in the front of the church, ben anxiously gazed forward until kelly had him turn to face her for their first special moment together. big smiles and embraces were exchanged as they knew this was their day that their dreams of becoming husband and wife would come true. ben then walked her over to the piano and serenaded her with a song he had written that began with "You are my answer... to a question that has been on my mind so long." he had written the lyrics on a painting displayed next to the piano. it was sacred. it was beautiful.

despite the cranky old woman who kicked me out the sanctuary and into the balcony, the ceremony was beautiful! tammy hid in her spot in the front and discreetly caught some amazing shots. (the lady insisted on no pictures of the ceremony...psshhh) we always attempt to shoot the wedding in the most discreet way possible and make all efforts to be out of sight while still getting amazing shots. I guess she didn't quite understand that and must have been used to the way things had been in the late 1880s when she was born.;)

because of this amazing couple and their ridiculously fun group of comrades, atlanta has pretty much become our second home. ben and the rest of the guys in the band unhindered along with some of our incredible friends from passion and many others came together and danced to the tunes of the outrageously entertaining band, funk sandwich. the reception was held in a ballroom at the historic Biltmore Hotel in midtown atlanta. at your average wedding, 10-20 people get down and crazy on the dance floor. well, at this wedding it was more like 200+ folks getting more crazy than we have ever seen! we LOVE IT when people cut loose and have a ball! cheers to ben & kelly!

p.s. jay, you were missed!


  1. you and tammy did it again...another lovely batch of photos of someone's special day! i love love love the one of them coming out of the church and all of the black and white dance floor shots. great job guys!

  2. Wow....that wedding looked like so much fun! Great photography as usual!!


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