Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pat and Megan | Atlanta Wedding

pat & megan's friends scrambled to get out of sight as the two walked into a dazzling room filled with glowing candles, rose petals and large windows that boasted an enchanting view of downtown atlanta. after 3 1/2 years of dating, pat asked his lovely fiance megan to marry him.

on their wedding day, pat and megan laughed, made crazy faces and poked fun at us for using the word "interact" so much during their portraits. megan was a stunning blushing bride with an endless smile for her charming groom at her side. their hilarious group of friends and family kept us on our toes as several hysterical moments, which we will not mention in full detail, happened one after another.;)

Pat's father officiated the beautiful ceremony full of joy & emotion as he gave his son away to his gorgeous bride at the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta.

between us doing double takes with pat's identical twin sisters and his dad getting funky on the bongos alongside the amazing cover band "funk sandwhich", the reception was a non-stop dance party! this was the second time we attended such a crazy fun party as ben & kelly (ben was pat's best man and they co-lead the worship band "unhindered" together) had the same group of friends & live band present at their wedding.

congrats to you two!

p.s. thanks to the Lewis and Barrett families for taking such great care of us! we loved getting to see our atlanta crew! they really have become a second family to us!

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  1. great stuff Dave!
    love that new logo at the end of the slideshow. :o)
    question: do you use off-camera lighting at your receptions? how many lights, if so?

  2. Beautiful stuff! Beautiful wedding and tons of amazing shots!

    Kristyn Hogan


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