Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jeff and Jessica | Houston Wedding

jessica was one of the sweetest & most thoughtful brides we've had the pleasure of working with. her excitement to marry jeff overflowed into every form of correspondence while her careful attention to detail and gifted talent at event planning made us feel at ease and quite taken care of. we knew jeff had to be stellar to be marrying someone as amazing as her. :)

St. Paul's United Methodist Church was scenically captivating and the perfect setting for an enchanting wedding ceremony. jessica beamed with beauty and joy...her time had arrived...she was marrying her prince.

they were a rockin' couple as we're pretty sure they could have danced all night long with their never ending energy & spunk that kept that ballroom hopping. their families and friends celebrated alongside them making it an unforgettable evening. congrats jeff & jessica!

Videographer Rob Cross from Don't Get Married Without Me Video Productions was amazing to work with!

Robin Janson from Rock n Robin DJ Services kept the dance party going!


  1. amazing stuff man!! ha weve never really before im a friend of Ben here in kenosha. again stunning work!


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