Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sam and Brittany | Kitty Hawk, NC Wedding

our hometown crowd celebrated sam & brittany's wedding while watching from the decks of the finch's breathtaking bayfront residence. we all stared straight into the setting sun as sam and brittany exchanged their vows. although it was beautiful, i was desperately wishing that i could wear sunglasses and take photos at the same time. (tammy took photos from the deck above me and actually was wearing sunglasses!)
the decks were overlooking the pool and i am sure my dad, as well as several of the guests, were restraining themselves from hopping over the railing and doing a cannon ball into the tempting serene pool water. beach folk.

when picking the colors for the wedding, it was a no brainer. RED, WHITE and BLUE. haha...brittany has always been very patriotric.

the event was catered by the amazing Red Sky Cafe... where brittany and all three of my sisters work or have worked at one time.

the flowers arrangements were of course by Harris Teeter.:)

DJ Bruce kept the party going til the moment sam announced that they were going to leave and end the night with a bang!


  1. wow... you guys have done it again! Breath taking. Every single photo is my favorite!

  2. I am doing great! My photography business is growning so that is exciting! I hope to be able to purchase some more equipment... or really any at all. I dont even have an external flash... i know i know so sad. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!


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