Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Michael and Jessica | Suffolk, VA Wedding

from the moment we arrived at the church location, we were embraced with warm smiles, charming company and genuine southern hospitality. jessica was quite the elegant bride as her natural beauty shone through in everything she did and say. Her bridesmaids were sweet and brave to smile away while hanging out with the friendly field bugs that were drawn to their colorful dresses! michael and jessica's love was strikingly evident as their gazes & grins were fixed on each other the entire day. from the ceremony to the reception, it was a brilliant celebration filled with love, laughter, dancing, martini mashed potato treats and a crowd that anxiously awaited the Cuban shuffle!;) we wish this couple the very best and enjoyed getting to share in their beautiful wedding day!

of course, we always love going to locations that give us the bonus of visiting relatives or friends nearby. on sunday, we were able to sneak in a little beach and family time before spending a few hours at the airport watching "Lost" throughout the delays! gotta love traveling!!!


  1. These are simply gorgeous! I so wish I knew of you during my wedding. Beautiful work.

  2. I've nominated you for an award!! I hope you would be happy to receive it. Please stop by to check it out :)
    I love seeing your photography!

  3. It's just giving you props for how well you use your camera.



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