Friday, July 29, 2011

Bill and Christie | Summit County New Jersey Wedding

We love New Jersey weddings because it means we get to see loads of our amazing family!! David is one of 41 grandkids and his closest cousin Bill was getting hitched. David still remembers when he and Bill were kindergarteners swimming and fishing in the "Mary Street Pond" behind Bill's house and fun was their only agenda. Now Bill was all grown up and getting married! Bill had been dating his gorgeous bride Christie for nearly 7 years and we couldn't be happier that they were tying the knot. Christie is incredibly sweet, delightful and perfect for Bill. They complimented each other in so many ways. Friends & family came together to witness these two exchange their vows at the beautiful Catholic cathedral, St. Vincent de Paul Church. During the bride and groom portraits, Bill & Christie were all smiles as they kissed and laughed through the 100+ degree heat! True love folks. The Birchwood Manor hosted the elegant reception where everyone put their dancing shoes on as they kept that dance floor hopping ALL night long!

To view or purchase the photos from the wedding click here:

The day after the wedding, David's extended family came together for a sweet little family reunion...of course, there is not really anything "little" about it with a group this size! Everyone had a blast hanging out, playing games, chatting it up and grubbing. By the end of the night, Gram and Pops may have been the only ones to survive the massive game of pushing everyone into the pool. If you were dry, swimsuit or not, one of your dear family members was going to ensure you met the splashing pool waves.:)


  1. These photos are awesome! And a big plus for the black & white photos! I think black & white photos are the best! Good work!

    Have a lovely day!
    Sarah :)

  2. Amazing photographer,well i wish i could also have been there in those snaps! Very pleasant watching all the pictures! amazing!

  3. David is one of 41 grandkids and his closest cousin Bill was getting hitched..Christie is incredibly sweet,delightful and perfect for Bill..I really love the ring and cake..

  4. Beautiful photograph!Really heart touching post..Really enjoyed a lot...I like this type of post..It create charm after reading..Thanks

  5. Amazing picture!Really beautiful wedding Best wishes to the happy couple!

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