Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brett & Talitha | Atlanta, GA Wedding

what a fabulous start to the 2011 wedding season with Brett & Talitha! their spring wedding day was showered with sunshine, joyful family & friends, southern hospitality, and their endless smiles filled with pure love for each other. of course, since their wedding day happened to land on April Fool's Day, Talitha may have pulled a sly one on Brett with a whoopie cushion under his seat.:) oh how we appreciate humor. especially between couples! it was a treat to capture their wedding memories and work with so many incredible people. Tammy was even reunited with some old friends as Talitha's Uncle & Aunt's family used to go to church with her when she was younger. small world! big thanks to Talitha for her killer planning & attention to detail that made for a smooth relaxing day! thanks to Little Gardens' wedding coordinators Linda Langley & Courtney for seamlessly running the event. also, to Chris with Lethal Rhythms for his awesome dj skills.

Brett & Talitha - thanks so much for having us! you two rock! best wishes in your marriage!

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