Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kyle and Lulu | Long Beach Mississippi Wedding

Lulu had us on her wedding photography dial before she was even engaged! After shooting her sister Marcie's wedding last year and having an absolute ball, our fingers were crossed for another Levens family Southern style wedding celebration. :) It seems the Lord knows just when to bless a bride & groom with the most beautiful weather... and what a perfect day for a wedding it was! Lulu and Kyle were up and ready early to catch the best lighting for their photos. They enjoyed just being themselves and having a blast together. Lulu’s natural beauty radiated in every smile, glance and laugh. She even put her own special touches on her dress and it looked so stunning! This wedding day definitely had F U N written all over it as Lulu and Kyle were up for any photography adventure and we all had a good ole’ time.

Congrats you two!!! Thanks for having us!

A special thanks to Michelle of Social Butterflies for planning the event and helping everything run so smoothly!

a little titanic action!

Lulu has quite the spunky personality!

one of the largest bridal parties we have ever had.

we love moments like this. something the couple wouldn't have even noticed since their eyes were fixed on each other.:)

we definitely foresee more pillow fights in the future.


  1. these are so beautiful...what a fun couple!

  2. I am LOVIN' these! You do such great and FUN work! Right on!

  3. Those are all so wonderful! Love em!

    Rhonda Hendricks
    (Joe Hendricks Photography)

  4. These are wonderful!! Looks like such a fun time! Great capturing!


  5. David, once again you make the Levens Family very happy with your photographic eye!

    You and Tammy are the best!!

  6. What a GREAT wedding! I feel like you really captured their personality and who they are... So cool.

    UM, was that their BRIDAL PARTY???? HOLY CRAP it's HUGE! For real? Come on now peeps! lol. Curious to know how long it took them all to get there and wrangle them all together.. :)


  7. The photos in front of the chapel are very cute. This looks like an amazing wedding!!

  8. What did you use to add the path lighting to the images? I really like what you did with the work.


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