Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ernie and Katy | Nashville Wedding

first kisses, charming South Africans and our 3rd barker family wedding! what an amazing family...what are we going to do once their fourth and final sibling gets married!?:) katy and ernie were such a stunning couple...full of life, love, fun and passion! katy, of course, was a glowing gorgeous bride!!! it was a blessing to see this South African prince and his American princess tie the knot as they have been countries apart longing to be together for sometime now. we enjoyed every moment with these two and everyone involved! it was a blast to get to meet ernie & his parents and to be reunited with dear friends from nash-town and some of our favorite wedding industry folks. thanks to leigh, kerren and sam for all of their help with the details! the flowers were radiant as usual by Cary Ann and we always enjoy sharing the eyecandy with andy the videographer of Andy Cam Productions.

we wish katy and ernie the very best in their married life in south africa! love you guys!!


  1. hmmm... what WILL you do after Jess gets married???... hopefully you two will still be shooting when our kids tie the knot ;) love you both! -leigh

  2. I've been a fan for ages and I'm continually amazed at the beautiful work I see here.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks she kinda looks like Rachel McAdams in the Notebook?

  3. Another inspirational shoot. Amazing amazing stuff. Beautiful couple also.

  4. Beautiful beautiful. She does look like Rachel McAdams from the notebook.


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