Thursday, April 3, 2008

Matt and Rachel | First wedding of the year in Florida

What a way to start off the season. Matt and Rachel's wedding was in Tampa, Florida. Once we arrived we found out that Matt just got signed with Atlantic Records which is a Label that one of the bands that Tammy works with is on. So we thought that was super neat. Matt wrote and performed the song in the slide show. I also got to see one of my great friends. Matt's older brother Eric who i spent two months with on a road trip through Mexico. Some people know it as TheMexicoTrip.

Of course being in the area Tammy and I had to sneak over to see shamu and pet some dolphins!!!

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  1. David, the pictures are fantastic!!! You did such a great job. We were so sorry that we couldn't see you and Tammy before you had to leave. If you are ever down our way, you always have a place to stay. Blessings to you and Tammy. We are so thankful to have had the time with you from the airport.


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